Asset Management System - AMS

Keeping track of assets can be a challenge to organizations large and small. Assets can move locations, get reassigned to other people, get replaced, etc. Management wants reports about asset allocation, usage and service history. Accounting needs accurate data for tracking inventory and calculating depreciation.

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Document Management System - DMS

Organizing and providing an easy way to access and search your corporate or organizational documents is critical in today's multi-server networks. Our Document Management Software - zigDocs Enterprise Edition provides you with a very cost effective, web based system allowing you to quickly upload, categorize, index and search your documents.

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Customer Relationship Management System - CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems has emerged as a way for businesses to streamline customer-related processes across functional areas, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of customer transactions at all levels, and optimize service quality at each touch-point. Within the CRM world, there are many types of solutions, each having their own flavor, and each meeting different business needs.

Project Management System - PMS

PMS is an excellent online software that makes project management and collaboration easy. You can share the project management with your fellow freelancers or an entire company. PMS helps you manage multiple projects at a time with to-do lists, file sharing, chatting, messages, calendars and time tracking. You can create multiple to-do lists per project. Once a list is created, you add specific items and can assign people in your group (or yourself) to be responsible for each one. When complete, you just check off the item and it moves to the completed list. With built in file sharing, it's easy to share documents with co-workers and even clients for a project. Upload designs, invoices, notes, photos...anything you want available online to share. It's great to avoid using FTP and emailing large files. You can easily upload files, categorize them, and download at any time from anywhere. With the message board, you can easily post messages and notify any or all members of a pre-determined group, who can then comment. Just type your message, choose from a list of people to get an email, categorize by topic, attach files (if necessary) and submit. With a great built in search function, it's nice to have your conversations documented and easy to find.Time tracking in PMS allows all of the members of your group (or just you) to record hours spent on specific tasks and entire projects. You can create reports from the "time sheets" and even relate to to-do lists. Having this, along with all of the other PMS functions, in one place is what makes the software such a powerful tool.

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School Management System - "notebook"

This School Management Software is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents & management. This management software very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school management.

The school management system being web based can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which enables the students, teachers, parents & the management be in touch with each other at all times. It has been developed by the teachers and for the teachers, in order to ease their day to day activities. It also provides greater visibility of all the functions, such as grading and attendance, and evaluation of reports at any point of the school year. At present, attendance, grading, lesson planning and other key activities are very tedious and time consuming and need to be done repetitively.

School Management System - Overview

Construction Project Analysis System - CPAS

At the heart of any successful construction business is solid project estimating. Using spreadsheets to perform construction estimating is time consuming and difficult. Our construction estimating software is built specifically for generating fast, accurate construction estimates in a fraction of the time required using older methods. You can use our estimating software to:

1. Generate accurate, detailed construction estimates
2. Track material, labor and subcontractor costs
3. Turn estimates into project schedules instantly
4. Create customizable proposals and reports
5. Save items to a central database for reuse later
6. Build estimate templates for different project types

Construction Project Analysis System - CPAS - Online Demo!

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