eCommerce solutions

We provides flexible e-commerce web solutions to setup and run an online business with real-time credit card processing and secure online transactions. The solutions are engineered in a way to serve as your very own ebusiness strategist. Depending upon your ebusiness strategy, we develop for you e-commerce web solutions that suit your business best. We have years of experience as an ebusiness solution provider in developing successful e-commerce websites that include sites geared towards selling specific Products or Services, Dating sites, Auction sites, Social Networking sites, to name a few.

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SQL Backup from ISP - DBSafe 1.0

Your SQL Server is configured to require you to have high-level permissions (such as administrator) when you run backups on a remote server. However, you are using a hosted server, and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) won't grant you those permissions. You can back up your remote server databases even when your ISP won't grant you administrator permission on the server. DBQuick offers you a number of additional benefits; for example, you can re-create a database to a different name, or run it on a different version of SQL Server (including the free MSDE), and you can compress the backup.

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Corporate Intranet Portals

Access to information is crucial in effective communication within a company. The functioning of a company greatly depends on this availability of information at all times to ensure proper functioning. At VDS, we are dedicated to delivering effective Intranet Portal solutions that help your business processes. We develop secured Intranet Portal framework and information management systems. Our intranet applications will help you streamline and automate workflow, collect information on-line, report on data from multiple systems and manage content and documents for multiple departments with centralized data management.

Measure Of Performance System

Performance measurement is a process for collecting and reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group or organizations. It can involve looking at process/strategies in place, as well as whether outcomes are in line with what was intended or should have been achieved. All process of measuring performance requires the use of statistical modeling to determine results. A full scope copy of the performance of an organization can never be obtained, as generally some of the parameters cannot be measured directly but must be estimated via indirect observation and as a complete set of records never delivers an assessment without compression to key figures.

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Online Order Management System

The Online Order Management System is an effective tool for managing and tracking stocks across various markets. It aims to cover all the sales and purchases processes of an business so that no other external application is required in addition to it.

ERP - Enterprise Resouce & Planning

Your business depends on data. Is your legacy system up to the task? Our next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP Applications - for midsize organizations offer enterprise-class technology at an affordable price. With our ERP, you can leverage proven best practices to optimize business processes, reduce costs, and respond more quickly to changing market conditions.Flexible, open, and scalable, Our ERP solutions provide a rapid return on investment and a low total cost of ownership. If you need to get up and running quickly, Our ERP solutions can be implemented rapidly.

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